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Largest Selection of Spring and Easter Cookie Molds in the World

Springerle Joy brings you over 80 unique cookie molds for welcoming spring and celebrating Easter. Whether you are looking for Easter bunnies, Easter eggs, hens, birds nesting, spring flowers or religious motifs of Holy Week, you're sure to find the perfect cookie molds for the season. The cookie molds range from bite-size to enormous works of art depicting The Last Supper and the four seasons. Most of our cookie molds are reproductions of original wooden molds carved in Switzerland and Germany, many dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries. Sit back, relax and start building those wish lists on our website.

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Flower Ornament Mini Springerle Cookie Mold Flower Ornament mini springerle cookie mold, dia 40 mm / dia 1.6 in

Product Code: 1695 Flower Ornament springerle cookie mold

Lilies Of The Valley In Flower Pot Springerle Cookie Mold Lilies of the Valley in Flower Pot springerle cookie mold, 50 mm x 65 mm / 2.0 in x 2.6 in

This simple pot of lilies of the valley makes a cute cookie. We recommend cutting it out with a zig-zag edge.

Recommended Dough Thickness: 8 mm with our Dough Thickness Guides.

Cutters fitting this mold as well as helpful tools are found directly below in the Accessories section.

9 Pictures - Lyre Swan Springerle Cookie Mold 9 Pictures - Lyre, Swan...springerle cookie mold, 158 mm x 165 mm / 6.2 in x 6.5 in

This elaborate springerle board has 9 intricately cut images. Some images are also made as individual molds and are noted in parentheses.
Lyre(6821), swan, fruits/flowers, two rabbits (3527), two birds, flower urn, fish, woman churning butter with dog, leaf wreath (2013).

Recommended Dough Thickness: 8 mm with our Dough Thickness Guides.

Cutters fitting this mold as well as helpful tools are found directly below in the Accessories section.


Highest Quality Easter and Spring Cookie Molds in the World

Swiss quality. That says it all. Our manufacturer, Ă„nis-Paradies employs the finest quality materials, ecologically responsible production processes and most importantly, highly skilled people who love what they do. Our cookie molds are guaranteed waterproof and unbreakable. Our Easter and spring cookie molds are poured, painted and finished by hand and attention to detail is unparalleled. You'll see that the intricate carvings are reproduced down to the finest details. Notice the abundant detail of the flower petals, veining on leaves, finely carved hair on bunnies, delicate bird feathers, and a spectrum of textures in our Pascal Lamb cookie molds, to name just a few examples. Your springerle cookies will reproduce all those details, too! You'll enjoy using and displaying these cookie molds for years and then be able to pass them to the next generation, while still in excellent condition!

Create Dramatic Spring and Easter Cookies

We help you every step of the way so you bake spring cookies that will enchant your family and friends. We offer eight free YouTube videos that take you through dough making, molding and baking your cookies. And we offer free videos that show painting cookies and fondant impressions made using our cookie molds. Plus we display many beautiful photos of Easter and spring cookies on our product pages, so you can see how gorgeous your cookies will be. Please also browse our website's Recipes, Photo Gallery and Tips sections for creative ideas using cookie molds for baking and crafts. If you have questions, please call us. We love talking all about springerle cookie molds. We're here to help you be an awesome success!